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SPAR Corporate Stories

SPAR Zimbabwe : A Sparkling Success

At SPAR Zimbabwe, the company's mission statement is “Better Together”. Remaining passionate, committed to family values, and professional leaders in all that it does, we take a trip down the aisles with Operations Executive, Huston G. Munyoro.

By Josh Rayfield Ed Budds

SPAR Albania : Driving Growth

SPAR, the fastest-growing supermarket chain in Albania, has undergone remarkable expansion over the past eight years. Elona Hametaj, Managing Director, shares insights into the strategies that have propelled the company’s rapid growth

By Josh Rayfield Lily Sawyer

SPAR Poland : Growth in Groceries

Wayne Hodson, CEO of SPAR Poland, informs us about the company’s focus on increasing its footprint of stores and developing its private label products.

By Jack Salter

SPAR Namibia : A Brand Built on Trust

SPAR Namibia has established a reputation for quality and affordability thanks to its values of family, passion and entrepreneurship.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team